October 23, 2020

Workers ask provincial election candidates to support multi-year funding for Community Based Organizations

Workers at dozens of facilities across Saskatchewan have called on candidates in the provincial election to commit to taking action to ensure adequate multi-year for Community Based Organizations (CBOs). This latest effort is part of a long-term campaign by CBO workers to secure more stable budgets to support their work in their communities.

“CBOs provide vital programs and services to some of the most vulnerable people in Saskatchewan,” said SGEU Secretary-Treasurer Roseann Strelezki. “Despite the important work done by CBOs, the government has refused to provide a funding model that would help ensure adequate staffing levels and stable programming at these organizations.”

CBO workers care for people living with disabilities, respond to domestic violence calls, provide addictions services, engage in suicide intervention, provide emergency child care, help people find employment, and more. Since December 2012, the Saskatchewan government has taken a scatter-shot approach to budgeting in the CBO sector, and this inconsistent funding model is not enabling CBOs to provide stable, reliable programming for Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable people.

“The absence of adequate, long-term funding has created a precarious financial situation for CBOs,” Strelezki said. “Our CBO sector has been shamefully underfunded for decades. It’s time we elected MLAs and a government that will commit to providing a sustainable funding model so that CBOs, their frontline workers and the people they care for receive the support they deserve.”

Multi-year funding would enable CBOs to pay workers wages that keep up with inflation, improving the ability to recruit and retain staff. Sustainable funding would also allow CBOs to plan ahead and create long-term programs to better meet the needs of clients who most frequently require more than a one-year treatment or care plan.

SGEU workers in the CBO sector were joined by their counterparts at SEIU-West and CUPE in the campaign to secure multi-year funding. During the provincial election campaign, members of the three unions displayed lawn signs with the slogan Community Based Organizations: Multi-Year Funding – We’re Worth It! and asked candidates to commit themselves to take action to put in place a sustainable model of funding for CBOs. These latest initiatives complemented previous efforts including a petition and letters to several cabinet ministers over the last 18 months. More information about the multi-year funding campaign can be found at

SGEU, SEIU-West and CUPE represent staff in 80 community agencies across the province and have been working together for more than a decade to support and promote workers in the Community-Based Organization (CBO) sector.




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