Sask Party government proves double standard with ballooning Crown executive wage increases

September 21, 2018

The recent disclosure of salary increases to senior management at Crown corporations, once again, shows the Sask Party government has a two-tiered compensation system where only senior executives receive substantial wage increases, while public sector workers are expected to accept concessions, according to SGEU President Bob Bymoen.

The 2017-2018 Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan payee disclosure report shows compensation costs for senior managers at SaskPower increased by 19.8 per cent, while executive costs at SaskTel rose by 14.8 per cent compared to last year.

“This government is still trying to force wage rollbacks and other concessions on working-class families, while at the same time generously compensating highly-paid executives,” said Bymoen. “The government claims it needs to make cuts in order to balance the budget, yet it’s being very selective when it comes to who they’re denying fair wage increases.”

The Sask Party government has publicly stated it needs to find cost savings for public sector employees, yet top executives at the Crown corporations all made over $500,000 per year. Former SaskPower executive, Brian Ketcheson, topped the list with compensation of $646,000 in 2017-18 – an increase of $275,000 from the previous year.

SaskPower president and CEO Michael Marsh also saw an annual increase of $80,000, while SGI president and CEO Andrew Cartmell received a $105,000 jump from the previous year. According to public statements by the Sask Party government, Crown CEOs, MLAs, deputy ministers and other political staff took part in a 3.5 per cent wage rollback in 2017 as a way to “show leadership” while the government demanded public sector employees take a similar cut. However, the payee disclosure statement shows that Crown CEOs actually saw their compensation rise as much as 26 per cent.

Members of the premier’s political staff have also received significant compensation increases. Since 2009, compensation to the premier’s political staff rose by 85 per cent. And, earlier this year, the Sask Party government paid politicians more by reversing the 3.5 per cent MLA salary reduction.

“The hypocrisy of this government knows no bounds,” said Bymoen. “This government needs to stop making public sector workers pay for its own poor fiscal management and bad budget decisions. It’s time for Premier Scott Moe to stop pushing a double standard where the rich get richer and the working-class get nothing but additional taxes and costs.”


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