Operation Maple - April 10, 2014

In order to fight the attacks from government, we need to keep our union strong and engage as many members as possible.  That’s why SGEU is being pro-active - reaching out to grassroots members.

We are inviting convention delegates and guests to be interviewed on camera about some key union issues. You don’t have to be an expert.  We want to capture the thoughts of everyday union members and workers.  We want to use these interviews to create short video clips that can be posted on our website to help inform and activate others.

Please help us bring important union issues to life by volunteering to take part in Operation Maple’s Speaker’s Corner that is set up at our convention on the third floor of the Radisson Hotel in Saskatoon.  

Operation Maple is a socially progressive organization that has recorded interviews with over 1.1 million people across Canada, reporting on precarious work, poverty, work injustices, fair wages, unions rights, among other issues.

It came into existence for two reasons.

  1. Mainstream media rarely reports on issues that affect us in everyday life, stories that are important to “real” people.
  2. They received a tremendous amount of support and response to their stories and articles after producing the documentary, Poor No More, which was shown to thousands of people across Canada.

Operation Maple provides a platform for people to tell their stories and we are happy to welcome them at this year’s convention to help us tell ours.

Check out Operation Maple on social media and have a look at all of the great work they’ve done to help fight for workers' rights!



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