New Life Member

Terry Ullman is the newest member of the Life Members' table.

Terry's involvement in SGEU is well known.

"Bad management made for a strong union at my workplace," she said. "I saw the problems around me, and I was frustrated by the way I was treated --and I decided not to take it anymore."

With the help of mentors and leaders in her union, Terry filed a grievance and had a successful outcome.

"And then I got hooked," she says.

Terry saw how the union had the ability to fight for the rights of working people, and saw how it could help the people around her.

"I met smart people through the union who I didn't always agree with, but we came at it from the point of view of wanting to learn from each other and try new strategies."

"If you are the kind of person who likes to learn new things, then the union movement is for you," she adds.

Upon receiving her Life Member status, Terry reflected upon the role that Life Members play at Convention.

"When the younger members get all caught up in this or that, when there's a question of what to do and how to do it, Life Members can get up and talk about the history of the issue."

"In that sense, we carry a bigger picture vision of the union movement and the challenges these people face today."

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