Sask Liquor Pricing App

What does the app do?

The Sask Liquor Pricing App allows shoppers at private liquor stores to scan a product’s barcode, and instantly compare its price with the price at publicly-owned SLGA stores.

How does the app work?

Using the app is simple – just scan the barcode of a product by tapping the “scan product” button, or type the product’s name into the field at the top of the screen. Once you have a product selected, the app will show you the product’s price at SLGA liquor stores, without the taxes and deposits. Since private liquor stores typically don’t include taxes and deposits in the shelf price, the app allows you to make an easy apples-to-apples comparison between the private store price and the SLGA price.

The Sask Liquor App contains the entire SLGA product list, so you can also use it to compare the prices in a private store’s flyer or ad with SLGA prices.

Where do I get the app?

The app can be downloaded for free from either the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on whether you use an Android or Apple device.

Why does the app need permissions?

The app uses a barcode scanner, which requires access to your camera. No images are stored. It also has a function that locates the nearest public liquor store, which requires access to your phone’s location. Location data is not stored.

What does clicking on “Compare” do?

When you select a product, immediately under its price will be the word “compare” in red text. Click on it, and you’ll be prompted to enter the price of the product at the private store. The app will then indicate exactly how much you’d save at a public liquor store (if applicable), or how much you’re saving by buying where you are.

What does that map icon in the upper right do?

On the main screen of the app is a red icon showing a folded map and pin. Clicking on it will bring up a map that shows the closest SLGA store to your current location.

Does the app collect any data?

Yes, but nothing at all personal or private. The app only tracks anonymous data about how often its various features are used.

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