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Keep Liquor Sales Public - So We All Benefit

The government has been steadily eroding public liquor sales in Saskatchewan:

Why risk losing the benefits of public liquor sales?

Public liquor sales return huge profits to Saskatchewan people - $252.3 million last year, and over $1.1 billion in the last five years. That’s money that can be used to fund services we all care about, like hospitals, schools, highways, provincial parks, and long-term care homes. 

Why would we want to turn that money over to a small handful of private owners and shareholders?

Take action!

Visit to learn more and to send a message to the Minister and your MLA.

Get the Facts

Want to know more? Check out these facts on why we should keep liquor sales public.

Watch our TV ad: "A whole lot more"


A Profitable Brew:A financial analysis of the SLGA and its potential privatization

Impaired Judgment: The Economic and Social Consequences of Liquor Privatization in Western Canada
Executive Summary

MADD Canada strongly supports public liquor board model

Provincial Liquor Boards: Meeting the best interests of Canadians


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